Ormeau Sunday Rumble Series

Enter For Sunday Rumble 3 June 24th

Get your entry in for our next Sunday Rumble event which is open to members and non-members. There is £50 cash prize for the winner!

Sunday Rumble 1

Winner: Baptiste Paulet
Runner-Up: Phil Jamison
Third: Allen Robson & James Skelton
Consolation Winner: Joe Colvin

Sunday Rumble 2

Winner: Baptiste Paulet
Runner-Up: Phil Jamison
Third: Gervis Knox & Conor Nugent
Consolation Winner: Tim Calame

Sunday Rumble Ranking

Player Name Tournament 1 Tournament 2Tournament 3Total Points
Daniel Flannigan 0550550
Baptiste Paulet100010002000
Phil Jamison9509501900
Conor Nugent8509001750
Gervis Knox 8009001700
Roy Coard 8008501650
Jeff Irvine 8007001500
Chris Flannigan 8006501450
Joe Colvin 7506501400
Brendan O'Fiaigh7006001300
Alex Lo6006001200
Danny Power 5505501100
James Skelton9000900
Allen Robson9000900
Julian Kelly 0850850
Aly Alaydine0850850
Max Skelton 8500850
Tom Colvin 8500850
Rodney McKirgan 0850850
Joel Smith8500850
Stephen Sheridan 0800800
Matthew McCann 0800800
Tim Calame 0750750
Lee Warring 6500650
Ayman Saeed6500650
Stephen Power 0600600
Joe Brolly 6000600
Kevin Saeed 6000600
Senan Sheridan 0600600
Jonathan Fay 5500550
Lukas Schroeder 5500550
Brendan Popplestone5500550
Paul Murphy 5500550
Phil Todd0550550
Ricardo Sanchez 0550550
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