Ormeau Sunday Rumble Series

Sunday Rumble 5 21st October @ 2pm

Get your entry in for our next Sunday Rumble event which is open to members and non-members. There is £50 cash prize for the winner!

Sunday Rumble 1

Winner: Baptiste Paulet
Runner-Up: Phil Jamison
Third: Allen Robson & James Skelton
Consolation Winner: Joe Colvin

Sunday Rumble 2

Winner: Baptiste Paulet
Runner-Up: Phil Jamison
Third: Gervis Knox & Conor Nugent
Consolation Winner: Tim Calame

Sunday Rumble 3

Winner: Ashley Robinson
Runner-Up: Sophie Earley
Third: Zak Earley & James Skelton
Consolation Winner: Ranjit Singh

Sunday Rumble 4

Winner: Sophie Earley
Runner-Up James Skelton
Third: Phil Jamison & Conor Nugent
Consolation Winner: Roman Cheptene

Sunday Rumble Ranking

Taking the best 3 results from past 4 tournaments.
Player Name Rumble 1 Rumble 2Rumble 3Rumble 4Total Points Ranking
Phil Jamison950950090028001
James Skelton900090095027502
Conor Nugent85090080090026503
Max Skelton 850085080025004=
Gervis Knox 800900080025004=
Roy Coard 80085085085022506
Baptiste Paulet100010000020007
Sophie Earley00950100019508=
Brendan O'Fiaigh70060065055019508=
Chris Flannigan 8006500600185010
Zak Earley00900850175011
Tom Colvin 85000850170012=
Thomas Earley00850850170012=
Joel Smith85000800165014=
Danny Power 550550550550165014=
Julian Kelly 08508000165014=
Jeff Irvine 800700800160017
Matthew McCann 0800650700145018
Joe Colvin 750650600550140019
Lucy McIvor00700600130020
Anna Kelly 00600650125021
Stephen Sheridan 08000600120022=
Senan Sheridan 06000600120022=
Alex Lo60060000120022=
Anjali Singh 00550550110025=
Daniel Flannigan 05500550110025=
Ricardo Sanchez 05500550110025=
Ashley Robinson0010000100028
Allen Robson90000090029
Stephan Berse00850085030=
Rodney McKirgan 08500085030=
Aly Alaydine08500085030=
Joe Sheard 00080080035
Ranjit Singh 0075075034=
Roman Cheptene 00075075034=
Tim Calame 07500075034=
Lee Warring 65000065037=
Ayman Saeed65000065037=
Hamish Wright 00065065037=
George Smyth00600060037=
Arvin Cabellero00600060037=
Stephen Power 06000060037=
Kevin Saeed 60000060037=
Joe Brolly 60000060037=
Phil Todd05500055045=
Paul Murphy 55000055045=
Deidre Seaby 00050055045=
Lukas Schroeder 55000055045=
Brendan Popplestone55000055045=
Andrew McCann 000055045=
Ben Watson00055055045=
Jonathan Fay 55000055045=
Daniel McFaul 00050050045=
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