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Following on from the success of last year’s Ormeau Individual Championships, we plan to run the inaugural Ormeau Team Championships between 27th and 1st July. The event will cater for all ages and abilities and is open to players from all sessions.

This event will be used as a fundraiser in support of several junior teams attending Junior British League next season, so let’s all get behind our promising young players by entering the first ever Ormeau Team Championships!


When is it?

Monday 27th June

17:30 – Junior Team Groups

20:00 – Senior Team Groups

Tuesday 28th June

17:30 – Junior Team Groups

19:45 – Open Team Groups

Wednesday 29th June

17:30 – Junior Team Knockouts

19:45 – Senior Knockouts

Tuesday 30th June

17:30 – Junior Team Knockouts

19:45 – Open Team Knockouts

Friday 1st July

18:00 – Grand Finals


How much does it cost?


1 event £12

2 events £15


1 event £8

2 events £12


What events can I play?

We will organise 3 categories as shown below :

Junior Championships 

Juniors Performance, Intermediate & Beginners 

Senior Championships

All adults + Juniors over 16 

Open Championships

Adult Group 2, Adult Intermediate, Senior & Junior Performance 


How does a team work? 

Each team will consist of 3 players.

Will will select the teams and each player seeded as either an A, B or C player.

The preliminary rounds will be comprised of groups of 3 teams.

The top two teams in each group will progress to the knockout stage.


What is the match format?

Matches will be played according to the following order:

A vs A

B vs B

C vs C

Doubles (1) B&C vs B&C

If the match is 2-2 after these 4 games we will play a deciding doubles A&C vs A&C

All matches will be the best of 5 sets and normal ITTF rules will apply.

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