Don't miss out as we host an exhibition featuring the Greatest of All Time JO Waldner Vs Par Gerell on Thursday 15th August.

Easter Camps

Join us this Easter for an unforgettable Table Tennis experience at Ormeau Table Tennis Club! Our Easter Camps are specially designed for both Juniors and Seniors, welcoming players of all levels to refine their skills under the guidance of elite coaches. We are thrilled to announce that Chris Doran, a top English Senior known for coaching some of England’s best juniors like Ralph Patterson, alongside Paul McCreery, a four-time National Senior Champion and three-times Commonwealth Games athlete, will be leading our sessions.

These camps promise not only to be informative but also to encompass all areas of your game, from foundational techniques to advanced strategies, ensuring you receive comprehensive training. Expect engaging, high-quality instructional demos that will elevate your table tennis skills to new heights. Whether you’re looking to sharpen your gameplay or just want to enjoy the sport in a vibrant community atmosphere, our Easter Camps at Ormeau Table Tennis Club offer the perfect setting. Don’t miss this opportunity to train with the best, improve your game, and have a blast doing it!

Week 1
Monday 25th March 2024 
6-7.30 pm Camp 1 Adult Improver
7.30-9 pm Camp 2 Adult Intermediate/League
Tuesday 26th March 2024
7.30-9.30 pm Senior Performance Junior Camp (Invite Only)
Wednesday 27th March 2024

1-3 pm Junior Improver/Intermediate  

Thursday 28th March 

1-3 pm Junior Improver/Intermediate  
6-7.30 pm Adult Camp Adult Improver
7.30-9 pm Adult Camp Intermediate/League
Week 2
Tuesday-Friday 2-5th April 
9-12 pm Performance Junior Camp (Invite Only)
1-3 pm Junior Improver/Intermediate  
What is my level?
Adult Improver Wednesday & Saturday Sessions or local league Division 4.
Adult Intermediate/LeagueTuesday sessions or local league Division 3 and above. 
Junior Improver/Intermediate  Wednesday & Saturday Sessions or local school level. 
Performance – Elite players playing for Ulster & Ireland. 
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