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Ormeau Table Tennis sign Dorian Nicolle!

Ormeau Table Tennis are delighted to sign Dorian Nicolle from France as part of the Ormeau Senior British League Premiere Team. Dorian is a fantastic young player with great flair in his game and he tends to get into long loop to loop rallies back from the table. Theres no doubt that he will become the spectators favourite with his fantastic fight and flashy shots! Dorian has played professionally in France for some years now and is ranked around 80 in France with foreigners, and around 35 in france with only French players. similar to that of the classy Lucas Moland. Dorian has played Pro B in the past which is an exceptional level. Dorian is joining an already strong Ormeau lineup! 

Dorian Nicolle: Fight, Flair, and flashy shots in store for the Ormeau crowd!

Ormeau Premiere Team line up:

1. Dorian Nicolle

2. Lucas Moland

3. Oriol Monzo

4. Owen Cathcart

5. Alexis Lebrun

6. Matt Ware

7. Gavin Maguire

We look forward to the new season due to start in October !! Could this be Ormeau’s year? Be sure to come down and see our top players along with world class visiting players!

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