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Philip Wallace Wins Irish Masters Nationals

Phil Wallace is well known for his blistering forehand topspins and today he lived up to those expectations lifting the Irish Masters Gold.

Phil had a group of death with Brian Devereaux and Daniel Molzenberger. Phil lost Lost 3-2 to Daniel and went to beat Brian 3-1 to progress to the last 16.

In the last 16 Phil defeated Kevin Mackey 3-0 in a quality performance. The quarter finals certainly were not as plain sailing however as Phil seen himself down 3 match points against John Bowe. Phil fought hard and sent a few trademark forehands Bowe’s direction and eventually went on to clinch the match!

Phil now full of confidence, went on to beat Rory Scott 3-0 in semi and set up a re-match with Daniel Molzenberger in the Final. This time around Phil managed to overcome Daniel in an epic match to win 3-2 and clinched the Irish Masters! Well done Phil fantastic result.

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